Pots, pots - so many beautiful pots. They are enormous, and brightly coloured, and jumbled together in an outdoor space.

Mattie Leeds Sculpture Garden

Mattie Leeds is a ceramic artist who has worked out of the same studio in the Santa Cruz mountains for more than 40 years. Over that time he has built up an astonishing sculpture garden displaying his work - hundreds of pots, many more than five feet tall, showcasing a delightful range of artistic styles and techniques.

Mattie's garden also features the Great Wall of Chop Suey - an elaborate wall constructed out of concrete, pottery, found objects and other materials. “Chop Suey” translates to “assorted pieces”, and features in several of Mattie's other works. The wall is overlooked by a beautiful Chop Suey neon sign, rescued from Santa Cruz in the 1970s.

The garden is open to visitors on an ad-hoc schedule, often on weekends. It's best to contact Mattie directly to be sure.


7258 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 - Map

11 April 2023

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