A grand building with Pioneer Memorial Museum written in gold letters along the top, and a plaque in front of it reading Headquarters International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers

Pioneer Memorial Museum

The Pioneer Memorial Museum makes the bold claim to host "the world's largest collection of artifacts on one subject" - that subject being stuff that pioneers brought with them to Utah! It's certainly a very impressive collection: many thousands of artifacts spread across six separate floors, covering all manner of items from roughly the 1840s to the 1870s.

There's an absolute cornucopia of things to see, from chests and buckets to lacework and clock - everything a pioneer might need to bring with them on their journey.

A specific highlight is American Fire Engine Company Steam Engine "Roosevelt", the most beautiful fire engine I've ever seen, brought into service in 1902 and painstakingly restored in 1996.

Don't skip the basement, which has both a two-headed lamb and an enormous carved eagle standing guard over a collection of sewing machines.

There's also plenty of Mormon history here, including a wagon that served as Brigham Young's council chamber, speaking platform, and home for the long trip to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.


300 N Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah - Map

21 April 2023

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FOX 13 News, FOX 13, 24 July 2022

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